IT@LARGE; is the IT division of @LARGE Consultants stands as a beacon of digital transformation. Whether you're a promising startup or a global FORTUNE-500 enterprise, we are your partner in harnessing the power of technology transformrmation for your business.

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@LARGE, we mark each project's triumph with the planting of over 10 trees. By covering the planting expenses, we inspire our clients to commit to planting a minimum of 50 trees. Together, let's pledge to nurture growth and advancement while mitigating environmental impact.
We cultivate an IT environment that's energy-efficient, empowering businesses worldwide to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions. The time has come to unite for a sustainable future and take a stand against climate change.


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INDIAs Top IT Consultants: Keeping you Ahead of the World

We leverage extensive knowledge and practical experience to address our clients' IT requirements. Crafting innovative solutions, our IT team is dedicated to navigating current market challenges and seizing growth opportunities.

IT Consultation & Services

Our dedicated Our committed team of IT consultants develops, plans, and implements strategies tailored to fulfill your business's information technology (IT) requirements, ensuring a pathway to success."

Technology Consultation

Following a thorough analysis of your business's IT infrastructure, we recommend the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and software solutions to enhance overall productivity and profitability."

Digital Transformation

We assess your current digital landscape and propose transformative strategies, integrating advanced technologies to revolutionize your business processes and drive sustained growth.

System Integration Services

Our dedicated Our committed team of IT consultants develops, plans, and implements strategies tailored to fulfill your business's information technology (IT) requirements, ensuring a pathway to success."

Software Services
Software Services

Data Analytics

Our team strategically examines business data, identifying opportunities for impactful analytics that drive insights, informed decision-making, and overall business optimization.

Cloud Computing and Services

Embracing the power of cloud computing, our team strategically assesses business needs, unlocking opportunities for seamless integration and enhanced scalability to drive innovation and efficiency.

FinTech Solutions

Our IT consulting team assists in designing financial software solutions that streamline financial processes and enhance accuracy in calculation.

IT Consulting Firm In IN: Turning IT Challenges Into Opportunities

@LARGE; as the best IT services and IT consultation provider in NOIDA, IN, assists businesses in integrating new-age technologies & skyrocket their businesses. Our prime objective is to bring organizations on the digital world map and earn them recognition in the modern world. Leverage our growth-oriented IT consultation services to turn IT challenges into growth opportunities.

HR Management

As a leading IT consulting company in INDIA, we design software solutions for HR departments that facilitate routine tasks and streamline operations.

ERP Solutions

We help you design an ERP solution that unifies an organization's IT environment and assists in effectively managing business resources

Supply Chain Solutions

Our IT consulting team helps you design a supply chain solution that addresses key technology challenges and assist in easy management.

CRM Solutions

Leverage our IT consulting services to build a custom CRM solution that offers a positive customer experience and drives meaningful engagements.

Operation Management

We assist businesses worldwide to implement IT solutions that assist in streamlining business operations and making production more efficient

Take Your Business To The Next Level

We @LARGE. delivers exceptional IT consultation and services essential for the success of today's businesses. Reach out to our experts now to discover more about our cutting-edge IT consulting solutions!

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IT Consulting vs IT Services

IT Services

  • Encompasses the actual implementation and delivery of technology solutions, such as software development, system integration, maintenance, and support.

  • Concerned with the execution of tasks and operations, ranging from software development and system maintenance to day-to-day support activities.

  • Concentrates on implementing solutions to specific technical problems or requirements, often with a more tactical and operational focus.

  • Requires ongoing collaboration but is more transactional in nature, with a focus on delivering specific services or products.

  • Can be project-based with defined timelines or ongoing, depending on the nature of the service (e.g., ongoing maintenance or support).

  • Requires specialized technical skills in areas like software development, network administration, cybersecurity, etc.

  • Responsibility is more task-oriented, with a focus on delivering specific services or products as agreed upon.

  • Costs are typically more straightforward and can be structured based on project milestones or ongoing support agreements.

IT Consulting

  • Involves providing strategic advice and recommendations to clients for optimizing their IT infrastructure, aligning technology with business goals, and solving specific challenges.

  • Primarily focused on strategic planning, analysis, and advisory services. It often involves high-level decision-making and long-term planning

  • Emphasizes problem identification, analysis, and strategic planning to address overarching issues and improve the overall efficiency of IT systems.

  • Involves extensive client engagement for understanding business goals, challenges, and aligning technology solutions with organizational objectives.

  • Projects may span a longer duration, involving thorough assessments, planning, and implementation phases.

  • Requires a broader skill set, including strategic thinking, business acumen, and strong communication skills to convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Often involves higher levels of risk and responsibility as consultants are accountable for strategic decisions and recommendations.

  • May have a higher upfront cost due to the strategic nature of the services provided.

Blockchain App Development

The future of global businesses lies in blockchain technology. We support enterprises in harnessing this forward-looking technology by seamlessly incorporating real-world blockchain applications into their existing IT business software and cloud services.

Metaverse Development

@LARGE offers entrepreneurs a launchpad where change, creativity, and opportunity converge. Leveraging our extensive experience in metaverse development, we craft IT products of tangible value, designed to excel in today's dynamic market.

A Full Suit IT Consulting Firm For All Your Niche Specific Needs

We bring a wealth of knowledge and maturity to turn clients’ ideas into reality. @LARGE demonstrates rich work ethics and professionalism to keep holding the position of the best IT consulting company in INDIA. Our IT team crafts business solutions to tackle today’s market challenges and capture growth opportunities. With our pool of industry experts, we aim to transform the world one step at a time.

Web3 Development

Specializing in the development of cutting-edge web3 solutions, we harness the power of blockchain, AI, IoT, and cryptography. Our developers, well-versed in web3 tools, frameworks, APIs, oracles, and more, collaborate across diverse industries such as gaming, real estate, and fintech.

P2E NFT Game Development

Being a premier IT consulting service provider in India, we harness cutting-edge game development technologies to revolutionize the gaming sector. Through our cost-effective Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT game development services, we create solutions that deliver measurable results.

RPA Development

Utilize our cost-effective IT consulting services to engage with top-tier industry professionals in RPA development. We provide unparalleled RPA software solutions that elevate productivity, optimize efficiency, fortify security, and promote growth for our clients.

CMS Development

Our unrivaled expertise in CRM/CMS/ERP development empowers you to effortlessly meet customer demands. Employing advanced technical skills and meticulous coding, we engineer a platform that streamlines your intricate processes.

Web3 Game Development

Enlist our web3 game developers to construct forward-looking games that captivate and resonate with the upcoming gaming era. Our player-centric development approach enhances the gaming experience, establishing new standards in gameplay.

Virtual Office Setup

Harness the cost-effective advantages of our metaverse development and IT consultation services to expand your footprint within the virtual realm. Employ our services to establish a dedicated virtual office in the metaverse, unlocking a myriad of new business opportunities and strengthening your digital presence in innovative ways.

AR/VR App Development

Enhance your business with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. We craft intelligent AR/VR apps to provide elevated user experiences. Each of our projects is distinctive, and we ensure that our technology-driven app aligns precisely with your specific requirements.

Next Gen Computing

Explore the forefront of computing with our cutting-edge Next-Gen Computing solutions and IT consultation services. Enlist our expertise to propel your business into the next era of computational advancements, setting up a dynamic digital framework that paves the way for groundbreaking opportunities and technological evolution.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Immerse your business in the era of Applied Artificial Intelligence through our advanced solutions and tailored IT consulting services. Collaborate with us to integrate artificial intelligence into practical applications, optimizing processes, fostering innovation, and unlocking transformative possibilities for your organization.

Digital Trust

Cultivate a foundation of Digital Trust with our specialized solutions and expert IT advisory services. Partner with us to establish robust digital trust frameworks, ensuring the security, integrity, and reliability of your digital interactions, and instilling confidence among your stakeholders in the digital landscape.

Our Information Technology (IT) Consultation Process Workflow

For more than 11 years, our information technology consultation team has been assisting clients in different business verticals to speed up the digital transformation process. We follow a four-step information technology (IT) consultation process to provide maximum benefits quickly.

Tailored IT Consultation Services For All Business Sizes, Domains

We have been serving clients of different business sizes and domains for more than a decade now. No matter how complex or diverse your business IT requirements are, we can build IT solutions to help meet business goals faster. Get in touch with our expert IT consultants in INDIA.

Maximize Your Tech Advantage With IT Consultants across Globe!

Staying abreast of evolving technology trends, we ensure prompt implementation and adaptation of cutting-edge Technology solutions to assist our clients effectively.


From IT consulting to advising on the intricacies of the metaverse business, we stand well ahead of our competitors.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the metaverse and cutting-edge technologies, we aid our clients in addressing their business challenges through technology, fostering substantial growth. Our meticulously designed metaverse and IT consultation services are future-proof, promising significant business advancements.

Redefining Industries With Our IT Consultation & Support Services

As a leading INDIAAN IT consulting service provider, we act as digital transformation catalysts for clients in different business verticals. Keeping abreast with the changing tech trends, we assist businesses worldwide in developing and implementing the right business solutions.

  • Cybersecure Solutions

    Safeguard your business growth against external threats with our resilient and cyber-secure IT solutions.

What Makes Us A Top IT Consulting Firm in India and Globally?

As a prominent IT consulting firm based in INDIA, we offer cutting-edge technology solutions for global businesses. Staying abreast of evolving technology trends, we develop inventive business solutions that expedite digital transformation and yield significant results.

  • Our Learning is Continuous

    We continuously strive for improvement, refining our services to cater to our clients and enhance their productivity and profitability.

  • Future Proof Solutions

    We collaborate with cutting-edge technologies and tools to construct IT solutions that are future-proof for your business.

  • Unrivaled Expertise

    Leveraging years of experience, technical knowledge, and skills, we excel in crafting tailor-made IT solutions

  • Planned Assured Delivery

    With our agile development process, we consistently meet project deadlines, ensuring punctual delivery as we value and respect every set timeline.

  • Experienced Team

    Our proficient core team, coupled with our agile workforce, accelerates business achievement and delivers the results that clients demand.

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